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Bridget Archer MP

Federal Member for Bass

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Bridget Archer was first elected as the Federal Member for Bass in the May 2019 election. At the 2022 federal election, Bridget became the first Liberal member in more than 30 years to hold the seat for a second term.

Prior to being elected to federal parliament, Bridget served on the George Town Council from 2009 first as a Councillor, before Deputy Mayor in 2011 and then Mayor from 2014-2018.

In both local and federal government, Bridget has actively worked to break the short-term mindset that come with election promises and instead focus on long-term strategic planning for to create a stronger economic future for the next generation, not just to the next election cycle.

As someone committed to being a genuine and authentic representative her community, Bridget is passionate about wanting voters to have trust and faith in their elected representatives which at its core, must come from acting with integrity and truly representing the views of the community first and foremost.  

Bridget lives with her husband Winston and her five children on a family farm in George Town.

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